About Garuda

In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a sacred mythical bird that changes shape according to its function. It's a fitting name for our new exercise system, which is unique in its versatility, flexibility and precision of movement.

Garuda's results are striking. Increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being. Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus, and teaching thesacred principle of relaxation within movement. The result is a stronger, leaner body, improved posture and true ease of movement and mind.

The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body. The classes are designed to be challenging and fun. Since the syllabus is so broad in scope the routines range from beginner/elementary to advanced/professional. All of the exercises are systematically devised to bring your mind back into exercise while making your body the leanest, strongest and most flexible it has ever been.

Garuda equipment

What's particularly amazing about the Garuda apparatus is that it uses a single piece of apparatus. Traditional exercise machines are very restricted in what they can do, so James worked closely with engineers to create a single exercise device with almost limitless possibilities. The result is the Garuda apparatus.

With its large split platform, chair attachment, increased range of movement within the framework and adjustability of the pulleys, ropes, bars and straps, it takes exercise, body conditioning and rehabilitation to a new level.

Garuda is perfect for all ages and abilities. Even better, because it offers a new and improved way to work on specific muscle groups, it's ideal for a rehabilitation programme or sports-specific training.

Why the Garuda apparatus was created

Frustrated by having to use a variety of machines for Pilates and wanting to develop new techniques, James created a single versatile, multi-functional device: the Garuda apparatus. This offers a seemingly endless range of exercise options ideally suited to James' unique, focused and organic method of exercise.
The result? Stronger, more toned muscles, better co-ordination, greater flexibility and increased fitness.

James D'Silva

James D’Silva was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to become a professional dancer. Since then, he has performed, choreographed and taught all over Europe and the USA.

Throughout his career, Pilates and body conditioning were an integral part of his training routine. Over the years, James has adopted yoga, GYROTONIC®, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique influences, generating a unique, holistic and enjoyable style of movement and exercise.

In 2000, James opened his own Pilates studio in London and from this base his reputation has become well established amongst his many loyal clients. He has worked with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others, and has also created best-selling fitness DVDs with Trudie Styler.


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About Pilates

The Pilates technique is an exercise program used to maintain and enhance very good levels of physical fitness and improve posture alignment enabling the body to respond effectively to daily tasks and chores.

Pilates which was developed in the 1920’s, combines influences from Eastern philosophy and exercise practice methods of the West. It is a suitable exercise program for everyone regardless of age, size, weight, or physical condition, even for those who have not previously followed any exercise program in the past.

Pilates works and stretches body muscles, improves flexibility and body balance, strengthens the deep postural muscles that support the neutral alignment of the spine, which is reinforced by the activation of the abdominal muscles, that direct the various movements of the whole body and every single part of it. During training, great emphasis is given to breathing, concentration of thought, recognizing the full potential of the body as well as possible weaknesses and enables us to address them, tackle them and work on them to restore and improve the body creating overall balance.

Pilates does not only exercise all separate muscles, but it also shapes up the body and makes it stronger and firmer. The basic principle of Pilates exercises is that they are not standardized. The program of exercises is adapted to each individual's needs and is related to the person’s age, body shape and size, capabilities and physical condition.

Joseph H. Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. He had a weak health as a child and suffered from many illnesses and conditions such as asthma, rachitis and rheumatic fever. In order to overcome his health problems, he organized and followed a rigorous exercise program using elements of various methods, which helped him gain body strength and flexibility, restoring his natural body condition.

During the First World War, while he was at a military camp, he came up with a fitness program tailored to the needs of the wounded. So he began experimenting with available materials -such as bed springs- creating support mechanisms with which the patients would be able to exercise, while lying on their beds.

After the war he left Germany and arrived in New York, where he founded the first Pilates Studio. Soon many artists and dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine, emerge as great followers and supporters of the Pilates’ Technique incorporating it all or a variety of its technical exercises in their own lessons.

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To Studio


The "PILATES & GARUDA STUDIO” is situated in the center of a green and peaceful area with easy access. We created a special, minimal décor space, focusing in offering you the ideal environment for exercise, relaxation and tranquility.

The "PILATES & GARUDA STUDIO” studio brings exercise and body recuperation to a whole new level.

Operation and regulations

The "PILATES & GARUDA STUDIO” is open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 21:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 18:00.

Arrival and preparation for sessions is required to be at least 5-10 minutes prior to each session’s start. Before the start of each class, students sign the attendance card, the sessions are prepaid and next sessions appointments are set and confirmed. Each class starts and finishes at the specified time. The duration of the class cannot be extended in case of a student’s late arrival.

Sessions are prepaid individually or in packs of 10, depending on the type. Packs of 10 sessions are strictly personal, non-transferable and valid for three (3) months from the first lesson and its payment.

Advanced notification of the studio of at least 24 hours, is mandatory in the case of change of date and time of a session, via phone or sms. If for any reason the studio has not received a timely notification, the session will be charged at normal price, as planned. In case of a statutory holiday, or a weekend preceding the session you wish to alter or cancel, the notification needs to be made a day prior, as theses do not count towards timely 24 hour notifications. For example, to cancel a session planned to run on Tuesday, 7pm you should inform the studio for the cancellation until Monday 7pm.

Our exercise programs

PILATES & GARUDA STUDIO offers you the possibility to choose between Garuda courses, (personal session on Garuda equipment, and small group mat training class) and Pilates courses (personal session, 2 or 3 people groups on Pilates equipment, and 3-7 people groups on mat class).

To get the best possible result we suggest to excercise at least 2-3 times a week.

Pilates courses

In order for the instructor to understand your needs and set goals for improvement, it usually takes up to 5 introductory exercise sessions. During those sessions, we analyze your body posture and teach you the Pilates principles and techniques. An instructor then guides and helps you get familiar with mat exercises and Pilates’ equipment. Upon completion of the first 5 introductory private sessions, there is an offer of choices between personal and group training lessons (2 or 3 people groups with equipment or 3 to 6 people groups on mat).

After 2-3 months practicing, usually you achieve objectives and targets of your program. As soon as the exercises are performed with ease and flow, the instructor suggests you the change of your program routine, and sets new targets increasing the level difficulty. In order to get the maximum of the new exercise regime, and learn the new exercise routine, you usually undertake 3 private instructor lessons.

Personal session

Customized personal sessions, are offered, designed to meet the needs and abilities of each individual when using the “Balanced Body” Pilates specific equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Unit, Combo chair, Ladder barrel, Spine Corrector & mat). Personal sessions offer faster results, continuous learning of new exercises during each session with the addition of higher level and more demanding exercises, in a short period time achieving spectacular results.

Session of 2

Each of the 2 students follows his/her own program. With care for each student, and focusing on the accurate execution of the exercises, we get the results to the maximum level using the “Balanced Body” Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Unit, Combo chair, Ladder barrel, Spine Corrector & mat).

Session of 3

Each student follows his/her own program under an instructor’s supervision with the use of “Balanced Body” Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Unit, Combo chair, Ladder barrel, Spine Corrector & mat).

The group of 3 people is an economical solution for practicing the method, using the Pilates professional equipment with a program tailored to your needs and the instructor’s ability to guide you precisely to the correct execution of the exercises.

Pilates mat (3-7 people)

Group lessons with mat exercises. The lowest cost solution, for strength and flexibility using Pilates Accessories (bands, foam rollers, balls and magic circles).

GARUDA courses

Personal session (on Garuda equipment)

All personal training sessions are created based on each persons needs, objectives and capabilities. The instructor adjusts the exercises for each session, so they are challenging and fun at the same time.

We offer classes that correspond to all physical levels and special needs, including courses for recovery from injury or accident, as well as for women who want to exercise during their pregnancy and postnatal period.

In order to start practicing Garuda, 5 to 10 introductory sessions are required. For those who have previous experience in Pilates, optionally we suggest up to 5 introductory sessions.

To get the best results from your program, we propose to train at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Garuda Matwork group session

A carefully crafted blend of yoga, Pilates and dance, Garuda matwork has been developed and perfected by James D’Silva over many years, during his own dedicated practice, as well as in his inspiring teaching of these disciplines to others.

The comprehensive movement system James has created and choreographed uses the breath as the principal guiding force, working both to fire up the body with warmth and energy and to calm down the nervous system, creating focus. This inspires intuitive, flowing, rhythmic movement, starting simply and blossoming into more complex patterns. Twists, curls and spirals encourage greater flexibility in the spine, giving free rein to the body to rediscover its natural desire to move, and providing a complete, joyful and mindful workout.

With Garuda matwork, the whole core is strengthened and nourished from within. The movements heal and rejuvenate, working intensely within the fascial lines of the body – so deeply, in fact, that even the organs feel massaged and revitalized. At the same time, the limbs are constantly challenged through functional training, complex moves committing the core to supporting the frame.

To fully benefit from the Garuda group classes, we strongly recommend that you take at least two introductory private lessons. This also allows our teachers to get to know you and your specific needs and targets. That said, if you already have some experience of Pilates, you shouldn’t need these introductory lessons.

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Afroditi Manthopoulou

Born in Athens started classical dance from an early age. Studied classical and modern dance for 13 years in a variety of high caliber schools, including: Maya Sofou, Rallou Manou, Southeastern College and Dance Centre Isadora and Raymond Duncan, from which she graduated with a dancer and dance teacher degree, after following the 3 year program of the Ministry of Culture.

Afroditi Manthopoulou attended Seminars with:

-Jeremy Nelson: Release Technique
-Claude Brumachon: Release Technique
-Benjamin Lamarche: Release Technique
-Kurt Kegel: Release Technique
-Ann Papoulis: Cunningham Technique
-James D’ Silva: Graham Technique
-Daniel Laumell: Ballet
-Ivan Maindatsefski: Ballet

For a period of 15 years she worked with renowned choreographers and artists as a professional dancer in concerts, commercials, TV shows, TV events, theatrical performances, shows, video clips, etc.

A serious injury introduced her to the Pilates regime and revolutionary exercise philosophy. She completed her education in all Pilates equipment training and qualified as a Certified Instructor by Balanced Body. For a number of years she worked in a variety of Pilates Studios as an instructor. She then went to London, where she trained in Garuda technique for 2 years next to its founder, James D 'Silva (www.thegaruda.net) and obtained a qualification as a Certified Garuda Instructor. In 2010 she sets up the first GARUDA studio in Greece.

Teacher training workshops

“Pilates & Garuda studio” organizes workshops for certified Pilates, Yoga and Garuda instructors. Workshops’ instructors are, the founder of Garuda method, James D’Silva in cooperation with Afroditi Manthopoulou.

Contact Details

Contact: Afroditi Manthopoulou
Address: Athanasiou Diakou 24, Nea Erithrea, P.C. 146 71, Athens.

Tel: +30 210 8000055, +30 6988 028211

E-mail: info@garuda.gr

Website: www.garuda.gr

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